The End of the Spank Mistress Era

A message to all the special loves of Mistress Tara….

Our Mistress Tara passed away at the end of November from a respiratory infection. It came on quite suddenly, and after a 2 week battle in ICU, she was not able to recover. She was surrounded by her family, and knew she was loved.

I want to thank all of you for being a part of her life. Tara loved her world here with LDW… she took great pride in helping her sissies get dressed for a special occasion, the fabulous Sissy Pageant, tea parties and fantasy galore. She truly loved all of you, and the relationships that were built on calls, through emails, and in Community Kink.

Please join us in the Special Events room of Community Kink on Saturday, January 2nd from 10pm-11pm est. to celebrate the life of this amazing woman and mistress. We will be sharing some Tara stories, and helping to end her chapter.


Dispatcher Jennifer (Tara’s sister)

The Spank Mistress Includes You!

The Madcap Tea with Milk and Cookies chat with Ms Natalie and myself continues to prosper and evolve into a growing and fun regular event. We hold it every Tuesday night at seven pm EST in the special events chatroom, and while our focus is a chat for sissies and sissy babies, we get quite a few people who share all sorts of different interests. This makes for a rich stew of personalities, and I’d go so far as to say that if you have a good sense of humor and an open mind, you will really enjoy our Tea party.  Mistress Natalie both value smart chatters, we also value sweet  and funny chatters, so there is a place for everyone at our tea table, or in the big living room where we all like to relax. (Picture the holodeck from Star Trek and you’ll see how we set up the perfect environment for each chat!!)

You are also welcome to call and enjoy a call with me before I head off with many of the other Mistresses on our weekend in Vegas!  If you’ve been longing to give up all that anxiety and guilt that  comes with coming every time you get your hand on your cock, call me and let my strength control you! You know that the Spank Mistress doesn’t believe in letting stroker boys have happy endings, and that I’ll never relent, no matter how hard you beg and plead. Wouldn’t that be a relief, to have no control, to give it all up? Wouldn’t it be delicious to hear my laughter mocking your pain? You know how to arrange it, my little wanker.


For a erotic phone sex session with Empress Tara, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+ to call
Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to a major credit card

Steering My Sissies toward FUN!!

Alright, those of you who don’t adore outrageous costumes, women in the full flush of their beauty and power having major amounts of fun, gorgeous scenery, sexy men and lots of music can just get out of the pool now. Because this is a post for my wild dancing sissies who crave fabulous girlfriends to sing and share and laugh with, and for them ONLY!  I saw the most incredible movie the other night, one I’ve seen only once before, and it MUST be watched for the first time with someone you can sing and share it with. No cynical naysayers allowed. The movie, of course, is MAMMA MIA and it is a blue sea and golden sun drenched bit of pure heart felt fun directed at all that makes us female and happy.

Why do I recommend this to my sissies? Because it’s fucking ABBA for one thing.  If you can listen to ABBA without wanting to dress up, shake your moneymaker and laugh, then you have no female in your soul and shouldn’t be wearing those fucking panties anyway.  (Caveat: those of my darlings who just love to wear panties because they love the way they feel around their cock, or because it’s so very humiliating, or because they think it will feel even better when their mistress makes them suck a big fat wanger are excluded from this little diatribe. Wear them gladly and in good health. But you should really give Mamma Mia a try anyway, because it rocks!) But those who can’t wait to see three grown women who share a long colorful past coming together to celebrate the future in their own giddy loving wild fashion, a young woman discovering her part of that past and learning how it will change her own future, and three men who have hearts as kind and souls as full of fun as any of the ladies, need to get off their asses, straighten their stockings and rent this movie right away.  Hell, save yourself the trouble and BUY it and get the soundtrack while you are at it. It will save you time later. Call me when you need someone to sing karoke with, or you have your own Donna and the Dynamos costumes ready!!


Miss Tara

Don’t forget to check out my audio page for a sample of my voice and style, it’s right here on the blog! And you are welcome to call me anytime at 800-601-6975, toll free! Just 2.50 a minute with a ten minute minimum:)